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SIRA Approved CCTV Company

SIRA Approved CCTV Company In Dubai

Benefits Of Choosing SIRA Approved CCTV Company In Dubai

SIRA means Security Industry Regulatory Agency. Is a government authority responsible to regulate the security industry in Dubai to make it secure and safe? They are in charge of licensing and monitoring all security services provider in Dubai by offering safety to the community. Before SIRA, the Department of Protective Systems (DPS) of Dubai Police managed this responsibility.

Master Technovion LLC is one of the leading SIRA approved companies in Dubai providing SIRA  Certified Access Control and CCTV installation throughout UAE  So We assure you that we have professional Engineer. Skilled, trained and disciplined Technician who has experience of mounting security cameras on any type of installations. If you want to install CCTV in UAE, you can enlist the services of Master Technovision LLC. We are one of the emerging CCTV companies in Dubai that supply the equipment and installation services necessary for you to implement this security measure according to your needs. We offer a great variety in cameras and related equipment our options can be cost-effective and efficient for your needs.

We are certified for:

  • Security Control and Alarm Equipment Trading
  • Security and Surveillance Systems Installation and Maintenance.

How to get CCTV installation approval from SIRA?

Before starting construction, property developers in Dubai are required to obtain approval of their building’s security systems design. The design of CCTV and access control solution for the building should be compliant with the guidelines of SIRA. This design approval is in the form of design drawings stamped by one of the Security Consultants authorized by SIRA. Without the submission of approved and stamped design drawings, Dubai Municipality refuses to issue building permits.

Security systems design drawings submitted to Dubai Municipality also typically have the name of the Security Service Provider (SSP) mentioned in the title bar. SSPs are firms that are approved by SIRA for sales and installation of CCTV and other security systems. LNS is one such SSP company.

Ideally, you should finalize a Security Systems Provider (SSP) early on before the construction starts. If the SSP is on board since the beginning, he can help you in getting the security systems design drawings approved. The SSP can also provide valuable inputs during the building construction period, in regards to cable containment, camera locations, and other such details.

Once the building is nearing completion, the SSP will complete the access control, and CCTV installation as per the SIRA approved design drawings. Next, the SSP will upload the product and configuration details on the online portal of SIRA and ask for an inspection. SIRA will choose one of its authorized security systems auditing company and inform all the concerned parties by email.  SIRA assigns the audit randomly, to prevent corruption.

The auditing company sets a date and time for inspection and confirms it with SSP and uploads the date and time on the online portal. During the inspection, the auditor thoroughly checks the installation and ensures that it meets the guidelines set by SIRA for that category of building. If something is not in compliance, the audit results in a Rejection. The auditing report mentions the reasons for the failure. The SSP has to revise/correct the installation and raise another inspection with the same auditing company. If everything is in compliance with SIRA guidelines the auditor approves the installation, and the SSP receives an approval certificate.

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