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SMATV is Satellite Master Antenna Television and refers to a system that uses multiple satellite and broadcast signals to create a single integrated cable signal for distribution to a cabling network. In other words, with an SMATV system…

CCTV Installation

Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) Installation, Testing & Commissioning is the core service of our business. We have installed various CCTV systems ranging from Priavte & Government sectors to hotels,apartments and offices…..

Parking Gate Barrier

Barrier gates are the ideal solution if you need to control vehicle transit in public parking areas, car parks, private and block of flats entrances, A parking gate barrier system mainly consists of an electric motor. It supplies the power to open…

Audio / Video Intercom System

Audio / Video Intercom The audio & video entry security phones are very convenient for verification and identification of persons requesting entry and can range from a single door audio…

Time Attendance System

Access control is the capability to control and monitor authorized and unauthorized access of staff, visitors and trespassers. These systems provide greater security for staff and visitors, whilst restricting access to high security or confidential areas…

Networking And Telecommunication

Structured Cabling Network cables are using to connect network supported devices and transfer data and information between switched, routers,data storage, ip phones and other network products…

Annual Maintenance Contract

We offering following technical services such as AMC Contracts to resolve any technical issue, technical support in: During Office hours and off hours for special considerations to our customers, which…

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