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Fiber Splicing Companies in Dubai

Fiber Splicing companies Dubai

Due to the fact that the fiber optic cable is fused throughout the operation, the procedure is also known as fusion splicing. For connections like LAN connections, telephone connections, etc., highly effective splicing is necessary. There will be light loss across the termination if the connection is imperfect, which will cause data loss. Additionally, a poor joint will reflect light, which will skew the statistics. For the union to remain intact, the joint must also be mechanically sturdy. When connecting long connections, connecting cables of different sorts, etc., splicing is necessary. Master Technovision, Fiber Splicing Companies in Dubai.

Fiber optic cable splicing procedure (FOC splicing)

The procedure involves either electric or laser heating of the joint. Due to the fact that two cables are fused together to create the connection, the procedure is sometimes referred to as fusion splicing.

The insulation at the ends of the cable that will be fused needs to be stripped in order to start the procedure. The best connections require absolutely flat ends. The fiber is being cleaved during this procedure. The ends must also be thoroughly cleaned because even a single dirt particle significantly lowers the quality.

Splicing tools come in a variety of variants and from various manufacturers. Some of these devices also include testing capabilities, allowing the connection to be checked after the splicing is complete. The fiber ends are spliced after being inserted into the machine’s slots from both ends.

Mechanical splicing

In an older technology known as mechanical splicing, connectors are used to make the connection. The connectors keep the two fiber ends lined up properly. Mechanical splicing equipment is less expensive than fusion splicing equipment. Comparing fusion splicing to mechanical splicing, the former is quicker and unquestionably of greater quality. Mechanical splicing is still employed, nonetheless, because of the initial costs.


Fiber optic cabling is referred to as FOC, hence the splicing procedure is also known as FOC splicing. In Dubai, Abudhabi, the UAE, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain, Vacker provides a range of splicing solutions for all sorts of fiber cables.

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